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At Sabertooth Technology we know a thing or two about mobile application development.

We create mobile applications for Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps for startups and enterprise clients. For your app to succeed, you need a strong business strategy, a proven award winning UI/UX design team combined with and a talented mobile development team.

Good news - you've come to the right place!

At Sabertooth we don't settle for good, we strive for amazing by applying innovative mobile strategies, beautiful user experience designs, powerful agile app development, exceptional launch marketing and comprehensive product life-cycle management. That’s the mobile-first universe we’re creating at Sabertooth.

We do the do... iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Exceptional cross-platform solutions require successfully merging a mobile strategy with the characteristics of top native apps, like fast performance, native UIs, and native access, as well as the efficiency advantages code sharing delivers.
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Xamarin App Development

Cross-platform development tools play an important role in the mobile ecosystem. Utilizing Xamarin cross-platform technologies allows us to combine the award-winning UX design and development skills of our team with Xamarin’s platform to deliver clients high-quality cross-platform apps on an accelerated time line. In short, Sabertooth designs and develops Xamarin applications that mimic truly native experiences.

Why Xamarin?

Fully Native
Xamarin is one of very few cross-platform mobile development tools that is fully native (i.e. we are utilizing the platform’s native UIs and APIs, not HTML or a mix of HTML/native as with many other platforms). That also means we get a significant mobile performance improvement as the apps run at native speed. When necessary, Xamarin’s tools also allow us to easily do work in native code, so we are never constrained if we run into a limitation of the platform.

Broad Community Support
The Xamarin tools are supported by large established companies (Xamarin and Microsoft) and more importantly, the platform uses languages and tools supported by very large communities (C#, Visual Studio, Mono). Many of our clients have large internal C# teams with skills that transfer the knowledge and understanding of app support.

Diverse Third Party Libraries
The largest risk of any cross-platform tool is how many third-party libraries and SDKs support it. We use anywhere from ten to thirty third-party libraries or SDKs on most of the apps we build. If those were not supported by Xamarin, any gains we get from working with a cross-platform tool would be more than outweighed by having to custom code components that are already widely available. In the event Xamarin does not support a library we need, we can create bindings to 3rd party libraries and don’t have to wait for a separate 3rd party implementation.

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Mobile Focus
  • Designing the unique applications to fit your specific requirements and objectives.
  • Providing you fast, high quality and innovative services.
  • Offering you convenient, fast and popular Mobile technology, enabling you to have immediate access to information anytime and anywhere.
  • Delivering you the services fast and cost efficiently.
  • Serving you without any compromise with quality & security.
Mobile Services
  • Cross-platform compatibility with Xamarin
  • Adding mobile device interface to existing applications.
  • Enhanced mobile application infrastructure with a location-based services components.
  • Smarter Applications with rich & easy user experience.
  • Mobile-enable existing enterprise applications
  • Test mobile applications from the usability perspective.
  • Implement SyncML-based synchronization of data between mobile devices & enterprise application.
  • Mobile-enable company alerting & notification services to ensure that a mobile workforce has the right information when & where they need it.
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